Planning and Managing Events

By Axis Marketing

Event organizers are tasked with multiple responsibilities; and between meeting tight deadlines to ensuring everything goes off without a hitch, it's safe to say they have their hands full. Perhaps one of their most substantial responsibilities is ensuring the health and safety of the guests attending the event, along with those who help bring it all together: employees and contractors.  

Being accountable for the wellbeing of others is no small task, and a heavy burden to shoulder when a lot of moving parts are in question.

This white paper outlines how to keep the public—and your employees—safe at your event by offering tips on:

  • Planning your event, and the importance of keeping the details proportionate to the event's scale and degree of risk, as well as:
    • The type and size of audience
    • The type and scope of the event
  • How to plan for incidents and emergencies, including:
    • Getting people away from immediate danger, and
    • Knowing how to protect threatened property
  • How to manage the event, including:
    • Coordinating
    • Supervising
    • Monitoring and Reviewing

Find Out More:

Download our "Planning and Managing Events" white paper for some easy-to-adopt guidance to help ensure your events run smoothly. 

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