The Insurance Pricing Cycle

By Axis Marketing

As a insurance buyer it is important to understand the cost of coverage. To do this you not only need to understand the market cycle but how to work with the conditions of the market to provide the best price. 

This white paper discusses the following:

  • Property casualty insurance cycle.
    • The difference between soft and hard markets.
    • What impacts the insurance market cycle.
    • Pricing cycles between lines of coverage and geographic locations.
  • Risk management considerations.
    • What to do to ensure buyers are always getting the best price.
  • Consultative approach:
    • Identifying exposures to loss.
    • Recommending loss control solutions.
    • Improving your disaster response potential.
    • Building a culture of safety.
    • Claims management.
    • Continuous improvement.
    • Reviewing and recommending coverages.

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