Fast Track Projects: Full Speed Ahead

By Axis Marketing
Excess speed in design and construction can lead to compromised quality, increased costs, and added risk for architects and engineers. "Fast-track" projects, where construction begins before project design is complete, should be approached with caution. These projects aim to save time and money by compressing the schedule, but they can result in lower profits and potential litigation.

This white paper discusses the following:

  • Fast tracking can expedite projects and save costs, but it poses substantial risks to architects and engineers involved in the project.
  • While you can't avoid fast track, you can take steps to lower the risks associated with this project delivery method.
  • Your client contract should address the liability risks and costs of fast-track delivery, allocating them equitably.
  • To stay on schedule, clients may make unauthorized changes to construction documents. It is important to hold the client fully responsible for any resulting ramifications.
  • Advise clients to budget for additional costs and recommend establishing a contingency fund for design and construction changes.
  • The decision to participate in a fast-track project must start with careful client and project selection.
  • Maintain clear communication and teamwork with aligned goals for a successful project on time and within budget.

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