Financial Institutions - Security and Disaster Readiness Planning

By Axis Marketing

Criminal activity, natural disasters and terrorist acts pose a huge threat to financial institutions and their daily operations. It is important to have security and disaster readiness plans to mitigate the impact of any potential threats.

This whitepaper discusses the following security measures and disaster prepping:

  • Security measures.
    • Reporting suspicious persons or activity.
    • Security maintenance of locks, fences, exterior lighting etc.
    • Evaluate critical your facilities critical locations.
    • Employee training on security and activating the alarm system.
    • Fire suppression system maintenance.
    • Review procedures for issuing facility keys and access cards.
    • Discuss security with your local police department.
    • Plan a building visit with the fire department.  
  • Prepare for a disaster.
    • Discuss terrorism and natural disaster coverage with Axis Insurance.
    • Keep copies of important documents in a secure place.
    • Evaluate local disaster potentials.
    • Disaster Recovery or Business Continuity Plan.
    • Temporary closure plan.
    • Off-site backup of EDP records.
    • Alternative method for phone service.
    • Emergency supplies on site.

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