Improving Security and Disaster Response Potential

By Axis Marketing

It is crucial to prepare for the unexpected and the threat on our safety at any given moment is a real risk. Security and disaster readiness plans help minimize the impact of the unexpected to ensure your company and most importantly yourself and your employees are safe.

This whitepaper discusses the following:

  • Risks such as financial disaster and negligence claims.
  • Facility security:
    • Management and employee reporting.
    • Visitor control procedures.
    • Physical security devices and monthly inspections.
    • Additional security for explosive, flammable or toxic chemicals.
    • Critical locations evaluation.
    • Security/fire alarm system upkeep and management.
    • Fire suppression systems inspections.
    • Procedures for issuing facility keys and access cards.
    • Police consulting.
    • Fire department inspections.
  • Disaster Response:
    • Terrorism and applicable natural disaster coverage discussion with your insurance representative.
    • Keep important documents in a safe and accessible location.
    • Evaluation of local risks and preparedness.
    • Disaster Recovery or Business Continuity plan.
    • Off-site backup of EDP records review.
    • List of all contact information of employees.
    • Check available emergency supplies.

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