Handling a Public Relations Crisis

By Axis Marketing

Few people ever expect to deal with a public relations crisis until they are in one and typically by then it is too late to respond properly. It is important to be proactive and have a plan when it comes to handling a potential public relations crisis. 

This whitepaper discusses step-by-step guidance in preparing and handling a crisis under the following times:

  • Before a crisis:
    • Plan your response beforehand.
    • Establish a crisis communication team.
  • Crisis prep:
    • Prepare a list of those who need to be notified during the crisis.
    • Make this easily accessible to your crisis team members.
    • Prepare a company facts sheet.
    • Crisis communication plan maintenance and review.
  • During a crisis:
    • Don't wait to go public with the issue.
    • Prepare an immediate disclosure .
    • Put together a release that describes what happened.
  • Control your message:
    • Ensure people are getting the information from your organization and not a third party.
    • Instruct employees to direct requests for comments to the company spokesperson.
    • Ensure your message is the unvarnished truth.
    • Immediately alert your customers and deliver timely updates.
    • Rebuild your relationships with your clients and determine how to prevent this situation from reoccurring.


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