Agribusiness: Emergency Preparedness for Farmworkers

By Axis Marketing

Farms are susceptible to natural or man-made emergencies and disasters. To reduce the impact of such events you need to create a emergency action plan. 

This whitepaper discusses the following:

  • What is an emergency action plan?
  • Identifying Agricultural emergencies.
    • Natural
    • Man-made
  • How to prepare an EAP.
  • Minimum requirements for an EAP.
  • Pre-planning with first responders.
  • Worker training.
  • Farm exercises and drills.
  • Medical service and first aid. 
  • Workplace emergency response team.
  • Contactors.

Find Out More:

Download our "Agribusiness: Emergency Preparedness for Farmworkers"  whitepaper to ensure your farm is ready for an emergency or disaster.

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