Partnering with For-profit Companies Successfully

By Axis Marketing

For profit cause-related marketing although advantageous for non-profit organizations comes with its own set of risks and exposures. Non-profit organizations have their name and reputation at stake but also tax implications, registration and disclosure requirements falls on them too.

This whitepaper discusses the following about the risks involve in partnering with a For-profit company:

  • What is the risk:
    • Payout.
    • Marketing involvement.
  • Liability and Litigation:
    • Breach of duty.
  • Things to consider:
    • Your name.
    • Cause-related vs. philanthropy.
    • Set terms for your name usage.
    • Federal and provincial regulations.
    • Check with your accountant and attorney.
    • Financial cost.
    • Cause-related marketing ventures policy.
  • Transfer your risk:
    • D&O policies.
    • Volunteer statues don't suffice. 

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Download our “Partnering with For Profit Companies Successfully " white paper to learn more. 

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