Manufacturing Risk Insights: Nanotechnology

By Axis Marketing


Nanotechnology is becoming increasingly popular in manufacturing our every day products using nanoparticles and materials. As it's use continues to expand there are still uncertain risks to the use of these particles in production. Until more is understood it is best to take extra safety precautions in your organization. 

In this article you will learn about the following:


  • Nanotechnology Workplace Hazards
    • Nanoparticles have a higher level of reactivity, combustibility and absorption capacity. We have a list of common exposures to your employees.
  •  Employee Protection.
    • There is still uncertainty on whether of not the standard PPE can protect your employees. We provide a detailed list on how to provide extra protection to your employees.
  • Nanotechnology Growth.
    • Large financial support from the federal and provincial governments ensures the areas of growth for Nanotechnology including risk prevention in handling these materials.  

Find Out More:

Download our “Manufacturing Risk Insights: Nanotechnology" white paper to learn more about the safety measures needed in order to ensure your organizations employees and customers are protected from the uncertain risks. 

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