Cyber Risks and Exposures for Law Firms

By Axis Marketing

In today's modern times, technology evolves quickly, and with those changes, law firms have adopted the latest technological advancements, including storing a large amount of sensitive information electronically like never before. Sensitive information is accessible from laptops, tablets, smartphones, cloud computing systems, and USB or flash drives. The risks for a data breach are everywhere, and with such critical information stored online, law firms are especially susceptible to cyber risks. 
This white paper offers information to protect your data and your clients by addressing:

  • Why law firms are attractive targets
  • How to lower your risks and exposures, such as:
    • Ensuring all laptops and devices are encrypted
    • Controlling how much access employees have to data, and more.

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Download our "Cyber Risks and Exposures for Law Firms" white paper to protect your data and your clients from hackers and cyber risks.

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