The Urgent Request Cyber Scam You Need to Not Fall Victim To

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Phishing attacks have increased phenomenally in the last year since more and more organizations began having employees work from home. These cyber attacks are varied and come in many forms.

The "Urgent Request" cyber scam is one method of attack cyber hackers will use against you and your organization.


Phishers aren’t afraid to use psychology to their advantage. These criminals know that impersonating an individual or organization and urging immediate action can be incredibly persuasive. Often, these types of attacks threaten loss, punishment or added risk.

People are more likely to respond to phishing attempts if emails appear to be pressing or if the victim believes they are in some sort of trouble. Common examples of this type of fakery include, but are not limited to, messages from angry bosses, late credit notices, cancelled memberships, compromised accounts, missed package deliveries and missing rent checks.

Emails like these may also appear as unsolicited requests to confirm account information or unexpected password reset requests, sometimes using your name in the body copy for added validity. The verbiage of these messages is often stern and will attempt to persuade victims to open attachments or reveal sensitive information.

When you get emails like these, it’s a good idea to follow up with the sender using a method other than email. For emails from companies, you should call the customer service number listed on an organization’s official website. During your conversation, ask if you were meant to receive the initial email.



Cyber Assessments:

With the increased usage of technology in people’s lives to stay connected while mostly working from home, cybersecurity threats have also become a growing issue and require proper assessments to manage any security gaps and risks that can harm your business.

Therefore, it’s important to conduct proper cyber assessments to mitigate the possibility of having your company’s cybersecurity system breached.

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