The Cheque is in the Mail: Get Paid Without Getting Sued

By Axis Marketing

As economic recovery continues throughout the country, many owners are investing in new projects following financial struggle in recent years. Economic uncertainty, however, continues to be a barrier many are not prepared for. During such times, design professionals are often the last to get paid.

This whitepaper discusses how design professionals can better protect themselves to avoid payment dispute by:

  • Selecting clients carefully.
    • Careful client selection is a cornerstone of risk management.
  • Establishing payment provisions by addressing the following:
    • Retainer
    • Payment Terms
    • Interest
    • Collections
    • Contingency Funds
  • Being wary of resistant clients.
  • Avoiding contentious counterclaims.

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Download our "The Cheque is in the Mail: Get Paid Without Getting Sued" whitepaper to ensure you get paid during times of economic hardships. 

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