The 10 Most Common Life Insurance Myths

By Axis Marketing

People can often be hesitant about life insurance. They consider it a waste of time and money. However, having life insurance or not can be the difference between protecting your loved ones for the unexpected.

This whitepaper discusses the following most common misconceptions regarding the necessity of life insurance: 

  • I just simply don't see the need.
  • I'm young. Why would I spend money on it now?
  • I am a stay-at-home parent. There isn't an income to replace.
  • My kids are all adults and my house has been paid off, so what do I need life insurance for?
  • I'm a smoker. Insurance companies won't consider me.
  • Even if I quit smoking, I'll always be considered a smoker to insurance companies and be stuck paying a higher premium.
  • Life insurance seems too good to be true.
  • It is too much of a hassle to obtain life insurance.
  • I get life insurance through my job. Why would I need more.
  • My mortgage lender provides me with coverage. Isn't that enough for me?

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