Smishing Explained

By Axis Marketing

Most people have heard the term phishing--a cyberattack technique that sees cyber criminals use fraudulent emails to solicit sensitive information by tactics such as opening harmful attachments.

While email based scams continue to circulate, a more poplar means of phishing has emerged, called smishing. Smishing uses the same tactics as phishing, however, victims are targeted through text message.

As more and more people rely on their cell phones for both business and personal use, smishing has become a growing threat. 
This white paper helps you and your business address smishing exposures by:

  • Explaining what is smishing
  • Guiding you on how to protect against smishing by teaching:
    • Employee training
    • Adequate bring your own device (BYOD) training
    • Access controls
    • Proper security software
    • Sufficient coverage options

Find Out More:

Download our "Smishing Explaing" white paper to keep your business and your employees safe from this emerging cyberattack trend.

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