Safe Conduct for Grain Handlers

By Axis Marketing

The grain handling industry is often faced with a variety of emergencies. Potential hazards include fires and explosions, employee entrapment, gas leaks, structural failures, power failures or natural disasters. Because of the scale of risk, it is imperative that employers develop and enforce workplace standards to protect agricultural producers and their employees from disaster.

This guide offers tips to ensure the safety of employees in industries such as flour and rice milling, feed milling, farm production and warehouse storage, crop preparation services, and more. Tips include:

  • Grain Handling Safety Procedures, such as:
    • Developing an emergency response plan
    • Developing a training program
    • Requiring hot work permits
    • Following rules for allowing entry into bins, silos, and tanks, and
    • Other important requirements you should know

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Download our "Agribusiness: Safe Conduct for Grain Handlers" guide to keep yourself, and your employees safe while handling grains.

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