Reduce Injuries and Contamination in Meatpacking

By Axis Marketing

Since the 1980s, improvements to food distribution in the meatpacking industry have allowed larger organizations to modify operations, allowing for an increased work speed, while also reducing labour expenses. These newer methods, however, created newer hazards for employees. Production line speed has led to an increased rate on injuries in the meatpacking industry. These excessive speeds also lead to higher cases of food contamination. This white paper offers tips on how to lessen injury and illness in the meatpacking industry, including:

  • Workplace injuries and the line, such as:
    • Excessive force injuries
    • Repetitive motion injuries
    • Sickness or weakened immune system from contaminated meat in work spaces
  • Food safety concerns
  • Line safety solutions, such as:
    • Reducing line speed to a comfortable level
    • Hire enough employees to staff the line adequately

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Download our "Reduce Injuries and Contamination in Meatpacking" white paper to keep your business and your employees safe from injury and illness while meatpacking.

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