Protect Yourself Against Illegal Acts With Crime Coverage

By Axis Marketing

No business is immune to the potential of fraud or theft, even from their own employees. In today's age, thieves do not need access to cash to steal from a business: merchandise, securities, and supplies are all susceptible to losses. Since any product can be a target for loss, especially where there is an opportunity to make a resale profit, it's important to know how to protect yourself.

This whitepaper discusses how to protect yourself against illegal acts with crime coverage by:

  • Understanding common business thefts.
  • Providing solutions to combat theft, such as:
    • Employee Theft Coverage
    • Depositors Forgery or Alteration Coverage
    • Theft Disappearance and Destruction Coverage
    • Robbery and Safe Burglary Coverage
    • Computer and Funds Transfer Coverage
    • Money Orders and Counterfeit Currency Coverage
    • Public Employee Theft Coverage, and;
  • Other safeguards against theft.

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Download our "Protect Yourself Against Illegal Acts With Crime Coverage" whitepaper to learn how to protect yourself against theft or fraud.

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