Manufacturing: Protect Your Organization When Discontinuing Operations

By Axis Marketing

Discontinuing products or operations requires ongoing protection from risk and liability due to continuous use of your products being used in the market after closure. Most commercial general liability policies do not protect against these operations. Discontinued operations polices need to be considered in the event this happening.


You also want to protect yourself from employees that may have been laid off during or after that time as it can worsen a lawsuit with discontinued operations. 

Within this white paper you will learn more about the following:

  • Product Liability
    • Industry standards.
    • Devising a run-off business infrastructure.
    • Creating an infrastructure based on your needs.
    • Providing guidance to those who remain.
    • Maintaining solid business records.
    • Creating problem resolution systems.
  • Personnel concerns
    • Separation agreements.
    • National and provincial laws.
    • Severance packages.
    • False accusations.
    • Layoffs.
    • Salary based sacrifices.
    • Job counselling.

Find Out More:

Download our “Manufacturing: Protect Your Organization When Discontinuing Operations" white paper to learn more about the risk and liabilities of discontinuing operations and how to protect your organization. 

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