Protect Tenant Information from Identity Theft

By Axis Marketing

Property managers are popular targets for identity theft due to the large amount of personal information they need to acquire from their tenants and prospective tenants. With this means you are also liable for damages.

Due to the high threat of this it is important for you to know how to safeguard personal information.

This whitepaper discusses the following:

  • The importance of discussing your security measures with your tenants.
  • A tool box of safety measures you could use to securing your tenants information.
    • Computer protection.
    • Releasing information.
    • Proper Disposal.
    • Tenant Communications.
    • Social insurance numbers.
    • Employees.
  • Additional protection recommendations.

Find Out More:

Download our "Protect Tenant Information from Identity Theft"  whitepaper to learn how to protect your tenants personal information as a property manager.

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