Preventing Gas Station Pollution

By Axis Marketing

Like most businesses, managing a gas station comes with a variety of risks. While many are easy to identify, less obvious risks such as pollution stemming from storing, selling, and using gasoline are no less hazardous and sometimes come with potentially serious implications. Did you know that by allowing pollution to occur from your gas station, you could be committing a criminal offence, which could lead to huge fines, and even jail sentences?

This guide offers tips on how to manage your gas station's hidden pollution risk, including:

  • Pollution Prevention Guidelines such as:
    • The importance of a pollution risk assessment
    • Proper site drainage
    • Routine site management, including the use of leak detection systems
    • The dispense and storage of other non-fuel products
  • How to plan effective response procedures to an environmental incident, such as:
    • Defining when such plans should be activated
    • Staff evacuation procedures, and
  • Common environmental hazards

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Download our "Preventing Gas Station Pollution" guide to manage your gas station's hidden pollution risks.

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