Physical Protection of Cyber Assets

By Axis Marketing


When it comes to securing cyber assets, many people often think of only mitigating cyber risks like spam, phishing and malware. However, cyber assets can also be compromised physically. 

This whitepaper examines the following physical exposures and the steps for reducing them:

  • Secure company facilities.
    • Employee training on securing and protecting information.
    • Logging out or protecting equipment accessible to the public. 
    • Cable locks.
    • Tracking software.
    • Badge identification system.
  • Minimize and safeguard printed materials with sensitive information.
  • Ensure mail security.
  • Dispose of trash securely.
  • Train your employees in facility security procedures.

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Download our "Physical Protection of Cyber Assets" whitepaper to help mitigate the risks of physical exposures your cyber assets may have. 

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