Oil & Gas: Staying Safe on Open Waters

By Axis Marketing

Piracy is ever increasing across key shipping routes around the world. Oil being high value cargo puts those ships at high risk. It is important for the crew to know how to handle a pirate attack to ensure a hostage situation does not turn violent.

This whitepaper discusses the following:

  • Preventative measures should be take through high risk areas:
    • Increasing lookouts.
    • Using sight-enhancing equipment to spot threats.
    • Maintain a speed over 18 knots.
    • Avoiding unnecessary stops.
    • Above-deck lights during the night.
  • Is there is an attack:
    • Sound emergency alarms.
    • Send out distress signal.
    • Zigzag patterns.
    • Activate defense systems.
    • Slow pirate advance.
    • Secure equipment storages.
    • Gather crew members in a designated safe point.
  • If you are boarded:
    • Don't use force.
    • Do not resist. Comply with demands.
    • Prepare to communicate non-verbally.
    • Video surveillance.
  • If your vessel has a citadel:
    • Alert crew members to gather. 
    • Shut down all engines.


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