Mining Employee Safety Manual

By Axis Marketing


Having a safety-conscious work environment is crucial within the mining industry. Safety policies and procedures need to be properly put in place to help reduce the risk of employee injuries while onsite.

This customizable manual provides the following detailed policies and procedures:

  • Commitment to safety.
  • Employee safety responsibilities.
  • Safety orientation training.
  • Return to work policy.
  • Emergency action plan.
  • Emergency contact information.
  • Workplace abuse and harassment policy.
  • Hazardous substance spill response policy.
  • Vehicle use policy.
  • General computer/ email/ internet security policy.
  • General safety precautions.
  • Job-specific safety precautions.
  • Considerations after an injury.

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Download our "Mining Employee Safety Manual" for help improving your safety policies and procedures. 

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Tags: Mining & Mineral Exploration

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