Manufacturing: Food Recall Guide

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While food manufactures take every precaution to ensure product quality, recalls can still occur. Identifying best practices for a food recall plan implementation can prevent your company from dealing with class-action lawsuits.

This food recall guide will layout the following:

  • The Recall Process:
    • Food safety investigations.
    • Health risk assessments.
    • Recall methodology.
  • Developing a Recall Plan:
    • Recall management team
    • Complaint file - investigation at the distribution center. 
    • CFIA notification.
    • Tracing products.
    • Distribution records and record system.
    • Recalled product records.
    • Recall procedures.
    • Recall effectiveness procedures.
    • Recall plan testing.
  • Executing you Food Recall Plan:
    • Assemble your team.
    • Notify CFIA.
    • Identify all products affected.
    • Detain and isolate products.
    • Prepare press release.
    • Prepare distribution list.
    • Prepare and distribute notice of recall.
    • Verify the effectiveness of recall.
    • Control of the recalled products.
    • Fix the cause of the recall.
  • Responding to common issues.
  • Press Release template.
  • Notice of Recall template.

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Download our "Manufacturing: Food Recall Guide"  to ensure your food manufacturing company uses the best practices in managing a food recall. 

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