Managing Volunteers in Your Organization

By Axis Marketing

The season of giving is in full swing, and many organizations are gearing up for the busiest time of year. If you're a non-profit, this likely means that you've got countless volunteers stepping up to help you give back to your community. Although volunteers typically work without compensation, supervision is still required to ensure the job gets done correctly. It's crucial that your organization takes the necessary steps to manage your volunteers to lessen the risk of harm to your community, and to the volunteers themselves.
This white paper provides suggestions for how to mange your volunteer workforce by discussing:

  • Volunteer Liabilities, including:
    • Direct liability
    • Indirect (vicarious) liability
    • Strict liability
  • Training Programs and why your organization needs to have one, including tips on what to include when putting one together 
  • Checklist for Supervising Volunteers

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Download our "Managing Volunteers in Your Organization" white paper to reduce risk to your organization, and the communities it serves.

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