Managing Gas Station Safety

By Axis Marketing

The risks of managing a gas station are complex. Aside from protecting the fuel source there are a number of hazards that could impact your staff and customers.

This whitepaper discusses the following risks and how to protect yourself from them:

  • Gasoline hazards.
    • Gas leaks.
    • Gas vapors.
    • Empty tanks and cans.
  • Vehicle movement.
    • Vehicle movement and heavy foot traffic.
  • Hazardous substances.
    • There are additional harmful substances sold at gas stations. 
  • Manual handling.
    • Protect against general injury of moving heavy equipment.
  • Slips, trips and falls.
    • Outdoor weather conditions.
    • Gas and oil spills. 
  • Electricity. 
      • Equipment in a wet outdoor environment.
  • Fire risks.
    • Escape routes, fire exits.
  • Violence and robberies.
    • Cash onsite.
    • Excluded places.
    • Inventory.
  • Compressed air systems.
    • air compressors in line of sight of employees.
  • Tailored insurance.

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