Loss Control Tips - Hotels

By Axis Marketing

Hotels carry liability, security and property risks which could lead to costly claims. Loss control is a preventative measure to reduce the risk for hotel owners.

This whitepaper discusses the following loss control tips:

  • Occupiers' liability - guest safety:
    • Employee training.
    • Emergency planning, exits and lighting.
    • Parking lot maintenance.
    • Winter preparation.
    • Slips and trips management.
    • Detectors and alarms.
  • Occupiers' liability - pools and fitness areas:
    • Legal standards.
    • Child safety proof.
    • Safety rules.
    • Signage.
    • Routine maintenance.
    • Storing chemicals.
    • Keycard entries.
  • Security and crime:
    • Security cameras.
    • Locks and latching devices.
    • Cash, checks and receipts storage.
    • Well-lit areas.
    • Theft reporting procedures.
  • Property damage:
    • Routine landscaping.
    • Hotel inspections.
    • Fire system inspections.
    • Employee training. 
    • Install Class ABC fire extinguishers.

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