Retail & Hospitality: Loss Control - Gas Stations & Convenience Stores

By Axis Marketing

Gas stations and convenience stores have a wide range of liability, property and security risks. Loss control measures are crucial in prevention of potential claims.

Providing fuel and every day essentials for customers daily comes with various challenges. 

In this white paper we discuss the following:

  • Occupiers liability
    • Its important to take certain measures in ensuring your property is safe for customers.
  • Fire Prevention
    • Protocols for storing and handling gasoline and other flammable liquids is required in ensuring fire prevention.
  • Security and Crime
    • Handling cash and extended hours of operation leave gas stations and convenience stores more susceptible to crime.
  • Food Preparation
    •  Contamination or spoiled foods are large risks at these establishments and guidelines food preparation needed.

Find Out More:

Download our “Loss Control: Gas Stations and Convenience Stores" white paper to learn more about safety measures and guidelines that can reduce these common areas of risk. 

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