Loss Control and Risk Management for Over the Road Trucking

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Owning and operating an over-the-road (OTR) trucking business can be a rewarding endeavour. These businesses are responsible for transporting a wide range of goods— whether it’s machinery, equipment, furniture or raw materials—over hundreds of kilometres to arrive safely and securely at their intended destinations.

However, operating an OTR trucking business also carries significant risks. After all, OTR trucking businesses have to manage various property, auto, safety and liability exposures. Thankfully, assessing your exposures and taking the appropriate precautions can go a long way toward protecting your business.

This questionnaire gives your OTR trucking business the opportunity to review risk categories specific to your operations and take action to address those risks:


Vehicle Repair and Maintenance Area:

  • Are all flammable materials and substances stored securely away from potential sources of ignition?
  • Are all vehicle repairs and maintenance conducted in a safe area, away from potential sources of ignition?
  • Are spills involving flammable liquids promptly cleaned up with a grease-dissolving agent?
  • Are any rags containing flammable liquids stored within metal, fire-resistant trash containers with self-closing lids until they can be adequately disposed of?
  • If fuel is dispensed on the premises, are all fuel- dispensing pumps in good condition?
  • Is the area where vehicle batteries are recharged adequately ventilated?


Business Interruption/Equipment Breakdown:

  • Is there a documented business continuity plan (BCP) in place?
  • Are all equipment, machinery and electrical systems on the property inspected regularly by qualified professionals to reduce the risk of potential breakdowns or outages?
  • Is there a power outage response plan in place?


Driver Hiring Standards:

  • Are there written driver qualifications?
  • Are driver qualification (DQ) files available for each driver?
  • Are motor vehicle records (MVRs) secured for all drivers?
  • Do drivers have an acceptable driving record?
  • Is there a pre-employment screening program in place to evaluate potential drivers?
  • Are CMV driver applicants required to pass a skills test prior to the start of their employment?
  • Are any drivers required to operate specialized vehicles (e.g., double or triple trailers)?



Find Out More:

Over the road truck drivers typically spend more time on the road than most commercial drivers, often putting in days’ or weeks’ worth of driving before returning home. This list is not exhaustive, and assessing your trucking company's exposures and taking the appropriate precautions can go a long way toward protecting your business.

Download our “Loss Control Questionnaire: Over the Road Trucking” guide for an in-depth list of more ways to minimize gaps in your risk management:


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