Implementing a HACCP Program

By Axis Marketing

HACCP is required in food manufacturing to help identify potential safety hazards so action can be taken to reduce the risk of food safety failure and product recall. HACCP can be applied in other industries such as pharmaceuticals but is more prevalent in the meat, seafood, and juice industries.

This whitepaper discusses HACCP training such as the following:

  • Training objectives:
    • an understanding of the practical implications of HACCP to food safety.
    • Practical knowledge and expertise of the application.
    • Continuous management of the program.
  • Training content:
    • Biological, physical and chemical hazards.
    • Manufacturing best practices and sanitation standard operating procedures.
    • The 7 principles of HACCP. 
    • Regulation and related guidance documents.
  • Verification
    • Ongoing revisions and assessments.
    • Ongoing training for new employees.

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Download our “Implementing a HACCP Program" white paper to learn more. 

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