General Health and Safety Duties of Quarry Operators

By Axis Marketing

Quarries can be chaotic places. Quarry operators are responsible for a lot at a quarry from design to operation. 

This whitepaper discusses the following:

  • General duties.
  • Site development considerations.
    • Geotechnical features.
    • Proximity of areas open to the public. 
    • Waterways and services.
    • Traffic routes usage.
    • Landfills siting.
    • Working methods.
    • Machinery safety.
    • Explosive safety.
  • Planning and preparing.
    • Appointing the right team.
    • Site risks and plan.
    • Lock-off/isolation and permit-to-work systems.
    • Health and safety document.
    • Notifying OH&S
  • Day-to-day work.
    • Employee management.
    • Health and safety reporting.
  • Review and monitoring.
  • Health and safety document details. 

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Download our "General Health and Safety Duties of Quarry Operators"  whitepaper to help whittle down your operators responsibilities. 

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