Fuel Efficiency Best Practices for Fleets

By Axis Marketing


As gases prices continue to rise companies need to reduce their fuel expenses for their commercial fleets. Fleet managers can provide fuel efficiency policies, technology and maintenance strategies to mitigate the economical climate. 

Managing these operations can be overwhelming, this white paper helps break this down into key areas where you can improve operations. Here are the key practices discussed in the article:

  • Monitoring driving patterns. 
  • Engine idling.
  • Route efficiency.
  • Weight reduction.
  • Schedule maintenance.
  • Check tire pressure.
  • Dispatch the closest vehicles.
  • Leverage a fleet telematics solution.
  • Provide incentives.
  • Implement driver training.

Find Out More:

Download our “Fuel Efficiency Best Practices" white paper to learn more about safety measures and guidelines that can reduce these common areas of risk. 

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