Effects of Air Quality on the Floor

By Axis Marketing

Indoor air quality is important in ensuring the health of your employees and their productivity. Indoor air quality can sometimes have higher pollutants than outside and therefore should be maintained and/or improved.

This whitepaper discusses the following:

  • Types of diseases:
    • SBS
    • BRI
  • What causes these diseases?
    • Lack of fresh air.
    • Poorly maintained and operated ventilation systems.
    • Disruption of air circulation.
    • Temperature and humidity levels.
    • Sources of contamination.
  • Improve air quality.
    • Employee interviews.
    • Building operations and maintenance procedures.
    • Walk-through inspections.
    • HVAC inspections.
    • Blueprint reviews.
    • Air sampling.
  • Correcting and preventing problems.
    • Ensure adequate fresh air supply.
    • Eliminate and control sources of contaminants.

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