Cyber Risks: End-of-Life Software

By Axis Marketing

When software reaches end-of-life (EOL) it means manufacturers will no longer develop or service the product, discontinuing all technical support, upgrades, bug fixes and security fixes. This can expose organizations to a higher level of risk exposure.

This white paper provides suggestions for how to mange your volunteer workforce by discussing:

  • Risk EOL software.
    • Heightened cybersecurity risks.
    • Software incompatibility.
    • Inability to stay in compliance with regulations.
    • High operating costs.
    • Poor performance and reliability issues.
  • Managing EOL Software.
    • Create a lifecycle management plan.
    • Understand device history.
    • Monitor EOL status.
    • Maintain consistent cybersecurity practices.
    • Communicate early and clearly.

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Download our "Cyber Risks: End-of-Life Software" white paper to reduce risk to your organization, and the communities it serves.

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