Cyber Liability – Cyberespionage Explained

By Axis Marketing


Cyberespionage, also known as cyberspying, is a type of cyber attack that involves capturing and leveraging valuable information for monetary, political, or competitive gain. Government entities, large corporations and other competitive organizations are most susceptible to these types of attacks. It is important to understand how to effectively mitigate these attacks to ensure your organizations reputation and stability.

In this white paper you will learn about the following:


  • Understanding what it is.
  • What data they may be attempting to access.
  • Cybercriminal tactics to capture this data.
  • Real- world examples of cyberespionage.
  • Prevention measures:
    • Employee education.
    • Critical data protection.
    • Access Restriction.
    • Software protection.
    • Supply chain protection.
    • Cyber incident response planning.
    • Cyber liability coverage.

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