Construction Risk Insights: Arc Flash Prevention and Protection

By Axis Marketing


Electric arc flashes are a potential threat on most construction worksites. 94% of arc flash incidents are preventable. With the right safety precautions in place you can protect your employees exposure to these.

This white paper will discuss the following:

  • Defining an arc flash
    • 450 volts or electrical service is enough to cause one.
  • Arc Flash injuries
    • These can prove to be fatal but there are costly and life changing injuries that could also happen.
  • Causes of an arc flash
    • from inadvertently bridging electrical contacts to equipment failure there are several things that can cause one. 
  • Preventative measures for employers
    • There are numerous measure you can put in place to eliminate these incidents, from the type of equipment and PPE used to building out a process on how to work in certain environments.

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Download our "Construction Risk Insights: Arc Flash Prevention and Protection" white paper to prevent serious injury to your employees. 

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