Architects and Engineers: Finding Value in Value Engineering

By Axis Marketing


Value Engineering is an organized process the is meant to optimize your return on investment. It is meant to analyze the design of a project for the project owner.

This white paper will discuss the following information more in depth.

  • What is Value Engineering and the valuation creation.
  • SAVE Internationals 5 phase approach is the basic framework for the application of VE.
    • The information phase.
    • The speculation phase.
    • The evaluation phase.
    • The development phase.
    • The presentation phase.
  • How professional liabilities arise when VE is introduced and how to limit these liabilities.
  • How to become a Value Engineer and contract language suggestions to protect yourself. 
  • Is VE right for you. 

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Download our "Architects and Engineers: Finding Value in Value Engineering" white paper if you're looking to bring on or become a value engineer. 

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Tags: Professional & Financial Services, Architects & Engineers

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