Agriculture Risk Insights: Integrated Pest Management

By Axis Marketing

Negative effects of pesticides on the environment and on humans is becoming more apparent. Due to the rise in these issues there has been more interest in safer forms such as integrated pest management.

This has not only impacted the impact on humans and the environment but it has also cut costs for farmers.

This whitepaper discusses the following about integrated pest management:

  • What is integrated pest management?
  • IMP principles.
    • The is no such thing as a "one size fits all" strategy.
    • Tolerate, do not eradicate.
    • Treat the cause not the symptom.
    • Inheriting natural enemies jobs.
    • Pesticides are not a good substitute for good farming.
  • Plan implementation.

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Download our "Agriculture Risk Insights: Integrated Pest Management" whitepaper to reduce the use of pesticides on your farms.

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