Advanced Planning for Natural Disasters

By Axis Marketing

While there is no way to prevent a natural disaster there are still ways of protecting your business in advance to ensure you can reopen if your business is impacted by a natural disaster. 

This whitepaper discusses the following which can be critical at protecting your business:

  • Disaster recovery plan.
    • Have you hired a consultant to do an impact analysis?
  • Emergency Response Considerations.
    • Setting up an emergency response plan and employee training. 
    • Assign employees parts of the procedures.
    • Check inventory of what you would need incase of a disaster. 
    • Build a communication plan. 
    • Protect those onsite from injury.
    • Build an emergency contact list.
    • Backup your records.
    • Inform your suppliers.
    • Protect your building. 
    • Identify critical business activities.
    • Find alternative facilities.
    • Back up data offsite. 
  • Review your insurance plan.

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Download our "Advanced Planning for Natural Disasters" whitepaper to protect your organization from the unexpected threats of natural disasters.

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