2020 Psychedelic Industry Insights Report

By Axis Marketing



As expertly written by Nikita Alexandrov, Chief Technology Officer at Thinkmyco, the 2020 Psychedelics Industry Insights Report is an insightful and informative overview of the rapid pace of change taking place in the Psychedelics industry.

The report outlines current developments, major industry players and significant investor interest and funding that is flowing into this industry. This clear message presents the opportunities and challenges faced by what may the most important growth story of the decade. 

From an insurance perspective, insurer interest in the Psychedelic and Psilocybin industry needs to be developed. Experience with cannabis and blockchain risks informs us that capacity will be limited to specialized insurers willing to venture into a new arena. Insurers will need to get up to speed with the unique risks and distinctions between market participants, in order to adequately assess risk.

Companies in R&D, clinical trials and patient treatment will need robust liability coverage. Directors and Officers liability policies will be required for private companies as they expand share distribution and take on larger levels of financing, or as they transition to public company vehicles.

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