16 Questions to Ask When Assessing Your Home Flood Protection Plan

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The number of extreme weather events in Canada has been increasing over the last decade, with the nation getting 20 more days of rain on average per year than in the 1950s. Among these extreme weather events, flooding has increased every decade for the past century.

This checklist outlines important measures to assess in order to assemble a plan in the event of a home flooding. Take a look at some of the concerns that must be properly addressed so you can be prepared to navigate through a home flood and reduce the risk of losing your assets in a flood:


Creating an Emergency Plan:

  • Do you know the different types of floods that could affect your home?
  • Do you have an emergency plan in place?
  • Is your emergency plan reviewed and practised on a regular basis?
  • Do you have communication plans set up to alert your family members in the event of a flood?
  • Are your valuable items and papers stored above possible flood levels?
  • Do you know how to shut off your main utilities?
  • Do you have an emergency kit with copies of important documents and basic supplies for at least 72 hours?


General Flood Precautions:

  • Does your property drain water away from your house?
  • Do you have flood protection products installed?
  • Do you have flood prevention materials, such as plywood, plastic sheeting, sand, sandbags and tools, available and ready for use?
  • Are electric sockets and wiring raised above potential flood levels?
  • Are all of the drains running from your premises in good working order?


Flood Insurance:

  • Do you have flood insurance? Is it sufficient to cover possible losses and damage from a flooding situation?
  • Do you know what information you need to provide or document when submitting a claim?
  • Do you have your broker’s/insurer’s contact information at hand?
  • Do you keep a current inventory of your important possessions to facilitate any claims that are submitted?



Find Out More:

The intensity of flooding has also increased in the last decade, with the five most destructive floods in Canadian history all occurring since 2010. As such, it’s important to assess your emergency preparedness measures in the event of a flood.

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